How To Remove Adware

Lately I am not aware that one of the browsers I use (Chrome) was infected by Adware Adware itself is a product ad or service offering that is part of a site or app.

Scripts written on a web page allow autorun applications to appear when we surf on a particular site or are running an application.

Usually adware is very easy to disable, but not with an adware variant that has an anti-removal technique and this is usually very annoying.

Some Adware is embedded in free applications, such as MyWay Searchbar with service features like SmileyCentral, Zwinky, and WeatherBug.
Adware and spyware can stick to your computer, especially if you are browsing the Internet or have an operating system that has enough gaps to enter.

You will see a pop-up windows containing ads when you open a page of certain sites (which install adware in the script).
In other instances, you can also be attacked by adware when running applications from programs that are installed on your computer,

suppose you are working with office programs like office or you are running a particular game program.

Obviously This is very disturbing is not it ?, apart from a browser that suddenly open itself and display a particular ad page,

sometimes also can make the computer performance becomes slow. Can be seen if Adware is active, your computer’s resources can be higher.

after a long search for how to handle this Adware Emboba, I found various ways from some overseas web. But none of the ways I find work. Usually Malware / Adware hides in the appdata directory.

But after searching many times, I found nothing suspicious in the folder.

Then I also check if any suspicious applications are not accidentally installed. But again I found a dead end. Finally I began to think, there is a strange car of the emergence of this adware is the emergence is always periodic.

Then I remember that windows has its own Task scheduler. This menu can be accessed by typing taskschd.msc in the Run menu.

Once the Task Scheduler menu opens, click on the Task Scheduler Library, then check if there is any suspicious schedule that is there and there it is!

as you can see, there is a strange schedule called jooringcommrtm. and when I see the contents of the action it turns out

as i guess. This schedule is automatically repeated every 34 minutes and leads to site. and guess waht if I access the site? yap there !!.

finally I immediately remove the Task. and after I waited in a 30-minute interval, never show up.

So if my friends encounter obstacles like me above, please follow the way that I find.

I can not guarantee 100% this way can stop Adware, but so far never recurrent on my computer. Finally, hopefully useful



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